The very best Credit Cards for Students in 2017

A majority of college students don’t have much of a credit history at all, and that can be a real hindrance when it comes to getting a car loan or even renting an apartment. These days a person’s credit plays a vital role in determining just how easy their life is going to be, and it’s particularly important for students to think about this early on. There are definitely some credit cards that are better than others for college students, and you will need to know what they are. By taking the time to get this information, you will be able to make the right decision on a certain card to apply for.

Journey Student Rewards from Capital One

The Journey Student Rewards card from Capital One comes with a very low fee and is especially perfect for college students who have at least decent credit. If you want a card that will earn you cash back rewards, you will want to take a close look at what this one has to offer. This card’s cash back program allows you to earn 1% cash back with no spending categories or limits whatsoever. While there isn’t a sign up bonus, you won’t have to pay an annual fee or foreign transaction fee.

Discover it for Students

Discover it for Students has a lot of the same benefits that come with the standard Discover it card, including its cash back program. All of the purchases that you make with this card will earn 1% cash back, and you won’t have to deal with spending caps or restrictions of any kind. You will be able to redeem your cash in any amount as a statement credit, check, bank account deposit or even Amazon purchase credit. There is no annual fee and an introductory APR of 0% purchases for 6 months. It also comes with a free FICO credit score every month, so you can stay up to date with the state of your credit.

Discover it Chrome for Students

Discover it Chrome for Students has a lot in common with the Discover it Chrome card. There is a cash back program with this card as well. All dining and gas purchases are eligible for 2% cash back with a limit of £1,000 per quarter. All dining and gas purchases that exceed this amount earn cash back of 1%. There is no annual fee that you will need to pay, and 0% introductory APR for 6 months. Considering all of the perks associated with this card, it is a great option for many students.

Upromise World MasterCard

The Upromise World MasterCard is another great credit card for students who want to start building up their credit with minimal strings attached. This card is issued by Barclaycard and will allow you to earn cash on everyday purchases. You will earn 1% cash back on all of your purchases without any spending caps, and there is 2% cash back on department store and movie theatre purchases. If you are approved for this card, you will get a $50 cash back bonus when you use it to make at least one purchase within 90 days of opening your account.

Citi ThankYou Preferred Card for College Students

The Citi ThankYou Preferred Card for College Students is a slightly different version of the Citi ThankYou Preferred card that is especially beneficial for students in a number of ways. This is one of the few student credit cards with a sign-up bonus, and it has an extremely valuable rewards program. There is no annual fee, and a 0% purchase APR for 7 months.


Because there are so many different credit cards available for students, you will need to take the time to see what your options are like before deciding on one in particular. The credit card you choose will be very important, which is why it’s so crucial that you do your homework. Getting a credit card can help you establish your credit, which is important for a number of reasons. The credit cards discussed in this article are among the best for college students in 2017, and it’s a good idea for you to learn more about each one.

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